God holds shares audit department head resigns

Shanghai God opened petrochemical equipment Limited by Share Ltd (securities code: 002278, securities abbreviation: God open shares) issued the audit department responsible person resignation notice, the audit department responsible for the resignation of Cong.
Notice that God shares the board received on November 30, 2016 the company’s audit department responsible person Ms. clusters to submit written resignation for personal reasons, resigned from the company in charge of the audit department duties, after the resignation of cluster women will no longer hold any other position of the company.
According to public information, Cong Qun, female, born in December 1985, Chinese nationality, without overseas permanent residency, bachelor degree, international registered internal auditor. From September 2010 to January 2013, he served as internal auditor of China living group, and served as audit manager of Lotte (China) headquarters from February 2013 to December 2014. From January 2015 to October 2015, the Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. audit manager. Since November 10, 2015, he served as head of the Audit Department of the stock company.

The way of accounting man’s transformation

In 2016, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) and big data using tax accounting practitioners, requirements for the overall high a lot, before the kind of simple sight or not push down accounting form accounting way, from this point of view alone, accounting transformation is imperative.
No matter how the transformation of the accounting, accounting is still the foundation, there is no good foundation, transformation is in the form. If you have the opportunity to do several years of accounting, there is a certain need. Replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) and tax data will make the tax planning develops rapidly, the daily tax planning in the accounting process, even accounting basis of comparison in the small company, previously also far higher than the requirements for accounting, this is not the transition? Personally feel that this is also a transformation, that is, before the way, the method is not easy to use, you have to change the way you have to learn, otherwise, perhaps even the basic accounting can not do it.
Before writing the “accounting” accounting “the sense of crisis people” new opportunities, risks and opportunities coexist, accounting can do still a lot of things, but one thing is to get out of the office of financial accounting, business departments to understand business, even offices in the business sector, possibly even accounting documents are don’t have to do. This is more difficult for the traditional accounting to accept, feeling that the financial department is not financial, and do not do vouchers, it is not accounting. This psychological ladder must be able to pass, from passive receipt of documents to take the initiative to take documents, the difference between the great.
Go out of the financial office, go to the business department, take the initiative to understand the business, and help the business department to solve all kinds of financial, process and data related problems. At this point, you have to consider the business point of view, each request can be successfully implemented, will not increase the workload of the business sector? If you do not increase or even simplify the workload of the business sector, but also to meet the financial requirements (accounting principles can not be lost), then boldly do, the business sector is welcome to join you.
Calculation and analysis of business data has many caliber, if out of accounting data, it is likely to appear a variety of caliber business data. Therefore, there is an interface between business data and accounting data, accounting data is the total, business data is detailed, there may be a time difference between the two. With timely, accurate and complete business data, management accounting tools can be used to provide the basis for the prediction and decision-making of enterprises, and the value of accounting can be embodied. Management accounting tools are available in textbooks and can be used differently in the face of different businesses. At present, the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of the business data of small and medium-sized private enterprises are not guaranteed, so there are not many enterprises that can really use the management accounting tools.
Recently saw some public numbers say graduation or go to the big companies do not go to a small company, however, large companies are in the minority, most accounting personnel or in small and medium enterprises in the industry, most of the time he can not decide into a large company or a small company. Small companies do not have any training, even after graduation, you should be used as an expert, but do not worry about you, after all, you do not have any experience, so small companies, accountants are usually very confused. There are so many accountants jumping around that they can’t jump out of a small company, like a curse. No matter how small companies have tax planning and management accounting business, but these are the boss personally in the tube, accounting are also very hard to intervene, feel that they can’t use professional knowledge, the last is the boss said what to do, why do so also do not think (which is actually a a rebellious psychology). Because there is no boss’s intention, let the small and medium-sized enterprise accounting have lost a lot of opportunities, the thinking will take the initiative to understand the business, understand the business planning in advance to a lot of things, have a chance to go from the back to the front. Small enterprise accounting if the things can be extreme, is your opportunity, if the enterprise is no longer up to your ability to other larger companies, the spiral will make you a successful transition to management accounting can also get rid of the curse of small companies.
The accounting profession has been studying constantly, and practitioners, primary, intermediate, senior accountants, CPAs, etc., have kept accountants learning continuously. The last two years of practice training more and more, and some of the original accounting view website financial public number share a lot of financial experience, the more and more open sharing will also give financial personnel of small and medium-sized private enterprises bring some inspiration.
In short, the demand of enterprise China and business data analysis (in fact is the business management accounting) has been like the Pandora box is opened, there is a demand supply, personnel restructuring is not the accounting industry is other industry personnel in transition, to see who the transformation of fast, fast always preempt machine. To China’s current situation, accounting personnel transition more opportunities, but can grasp this good opportunity to see how we do it. Start from the most basic accounting, understand every one behind the numbers represent the mean business (in the course of their will to learn many accounting professional knowledge), before and after the longitudinal transverse cross analysis, you have the way of the transition, and the enterprise size not too big the key is, what you want to do.
The past year has mainly written about the financial staff to the management

The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic

The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic – the investigation of the employment of the 2017 accounting graduates has been announced
In order to understand the employment demand and supply of employers and accounting graduates, the China Accounting Research Center of Shanghai National Accounting Institute plans to carry out this survey. The “accounting graduate” in this survey is the 2017 university graduate in finance and accounting in mainland China, majoring in accounting, auditing, financial management, taxation, etc..
The survey according to different respondents, divided into employers fill out the employer edition and graduates fill in student version.
First, the employers fill out the questionnaire analysis results (476 questionnaires were collected, of which 473 were valid questionnaires)
1, the respondents in the unit will be recruited this year, which of the following types of graduates of the accounting profession (2017 graduates)?
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
Nearly 1/4 of the surveyed units had no plans to recruit new graduates, and the overall form of employment was grim.
2, your unit in the recruitment of graduates, whether the gender (open or not public) requirements?
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
Employers show a clear preference for boys, but this may only be a “good wish” given the gender ratio of male and female in finance and accounting”.
3, compared to last year, your unit recruitment of financial accounts for the number of changes is?
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
The proportion of master recruitment has risen significantly, which may reflect the upward trend in employment demand for employment.
4, your unit recruitment of this year’s financial accounting graduates will be engaged in what position?
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
Accounting and finance jobs remain big jobs”
5, your unit recruitment of graduates of this year’s financial accounting is the nearest salary: (before tax, average monthly salary)
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
The average monthly salary is: 3203
From the survey results, employers can give monthly salary range mainly concentrated between 2000-4000 yuan.
6. Cross analysis of the types of respondents and the starting salaries of graduates
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
From the average monthly salary, state-owned enterprises and foreign companies give a relatively close monthly salary, ahead of other types of units.
7. Cross analysis of the size of the surveyed units and the starting salaries of graduates
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
From the results of the survey, the super enterprise gives a monthly salary is significantly more attractive.
8, the cross analysis of the city type of the unit and the starting salary of graduates
The employment situation of accounting graduates in 2017 is not optimistic
From the survey results, the enterprises in the municipalities can give a monthly salary higher than other types of enterprises.
Two, this year’s graduates fill out the questionnaire analysis results (a total of 585 questionnaires were collected, of which 336 valid questionnaires)
1 、 what is the graduate degree / degree of the respondents?

The five big accountants created by Hollywood films

Chinese news: the eighty-ninth session of the accounting field Oscar award awards have been settled, “today’s chartered accountant (CA Today)” reporter Eleanor ONeil (Eleanor O’Neill) then take you to relive shaped Hollywood film’s most memorable five accountants.
Although there has been two accountant big screen last year (Kevin Hart, “Oolong” agents; Ben Affleck, “accounting Assassin”) figure, but play the two roles of actors were nominated for Oscar, not on February 26, 2017 (Sunday) when the day to award candidate identity on the ceremony the red carpet.
But in the image of the famous accountant we mentioned here, several actors succeeded in winning the gold medal. Now, let’s review the film stars and their roles that have successfully shaped the role of accountants and made them famous.
1. Andy Du Fran, “The Shawshank Redemption”, 1994
The five big accountants created by Hollywood films
Andy Dufran (played by Tim Robbins), a senior accountant, was charged with murdering his wife and lover, and was sent to prison for his crimes. Provide tax consulting with guards, cooking the books at the same time for the corrupt warden, Andy in the notorious repute at Shawshank walls mixed fairly comfortable.
In prison, these jobs earned him protection and privileges. But when the chance of a complete crime took place, Andy’s previous actions plunged him into a deeper crisis. The Shawshank prison realized that Andy has too much for him to handle, take extreme measures to force Andy to stay in prison. Prison break became the only option for Andy.
As he said: “in jail before, I was an honest man, but in prison, upright and outspoken; but became a liar.”
Andy was a great character. He was intelligent and educated, able to adapt quickly to the new environment and cope with the crisis, but he never gave in to them.
2. Itzhak Stern, Schindler’s list, 1993
The five big accountants created by Hollywood films
The Oscar winning film tells the story of Oscar Schindler (played by Liam Neeson) witnessed World War II Jews were poisoned and become extremely brutal beyond all expectations a true story of a humanitarian soldier. In Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern (played by Ben Kingsley) under the advice of Schindler, by virtue of their own business and the Nazi Party double identity, the use of cheap labor in their Jewish munitions factory, a ruthless fishing.
Schindler’s thoughts changed after witnessing the massacre of the Jewish quarantine in Krakow, Poland. He began working with Stern to turn his factory into a Jewish sanctuary to protect them from the concentration camps. Schindler used his wealth and reputation to bribe a number of top officials, while Stern forged a large number of identity papers. Together, the two men rescued and protected the Jewish workers as much as possible.
Schindler said: “my father always said, people in this life, there are three indispensable things: a good doctor, a priest, benevolence house thick an intellectual virtues of accounting. The first two have never been of any use to me.”
Itzhak is a clever, strong willed and noble man, he selflessly to help their fellow countrymen, in utter disregard of personal consequences, a series of rescue off to a good start after this; he is the brains behind this fully deserve.
3. Oscar Wallace, “” just and stern, 1987
The five big accountants created by Hollywood films
In the implementation of prohibition era Chicago, a special agent of the Treasury Department to lead a small team, against the illegal sale of bootleg liquor gangster here.
While in Chicago, everyone knows that Al Capon is behind the notorious bootleg liquor trading, but the corrupt officials and criminals collusion, resort to intimidation, makes the case investigation difficult difficulty.
Accountant Oscar Wallace (by Charles Martin Smith version) came up with an idea. He proposed, if not according to the card Peng convicted bootleg liquor sales, they can turn to prosecute him on tax evasion charges. In order to make the smooth implementation of the program, the Ombudsman must thoroughly investigate criminal group encryption books, detailed grasp of all income, but also to trace the unscrupulous accounting accounts.
Although the film is correspondent Elliot Ness (played by Kevin Costner), but Oscar Wallace seems to be the real case that Capone. Capone ultimately convicted the real hero Frank Wilson. In the film, Wallace is such a classic line: “you know, he (Capone can make $about three million a year)! He never paid, not a penny, all industries are not in his name. If we can find even a small amount of his income, we can sue him for tax evasion.”
Oscar was an unusual hero, even though he appeared like a comedy role. But he is looking for a legitimate way display skills to the full penalty and the gang leader killed Capone’s minions, and show a remarkable style.
4. Rio Bloom, gold medal producer, 1998/2005 two edition
The five big accountants created by Hollywood films
Two people plan to make a rotten can not be bad stage drama, it is best to put on a play because of bad reviews and stop playing, in order to embezzle the production of funds, swept away

Xinhua medical letter Phi illegal financial director and other executives were regulated by the Shanghai Stock Exchange

The original title: Xinhua medical letter Phi violation company and chairman Xu Shangfeng attended the Shanghai Stock Exchange Supervision
In August 15th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the decision to pay attention to the supervision of Xinhua medical and relevant responsible persons. Identified through the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Xinhua medical not timely disclosure of 2016 annual results notice, not timely disclosure of related transactions daily, therefore, Xinhua medical and chairman Zhao Yixin, the then general manager Xu Shangfeng, when he was deputy general manager and chief financial officer Lee Caixiang, when an independent director and Audit Committee convener Gao Xiuhua was handed to regulatory attention.
Identified by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Xinhua medical 2016 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 34 million 640 thousand yuan, down 87.67% over the same period last year. According to the relevant provisions of the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules”, the company 2016 annual performance fell by more than 50%, should notice the performance before January 31, 2017, but Xinhua medical late April 5, 2017 performance prediction, overdue for more than two months, earnings forecast disclosure lag.
In addition, Xinhua medical in 2016 due to related parties Suzhou Changguang Huayi Biomedical Engineering Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as light Huayi) procurement of goods and materials, to provide services, annual and long Huayi daily related transactions the total amount of 52 million 130 thousand yuan, accounting for 2015 audited net assets 1.61%. According to the relevant provisions of the “Listing Rules”, related party transactions and long Huayi amount more than 3 million yuan, and last year accounted for the company’s audited net assets ratio of more than 0.5%, should be timely disclosure obligations, but until disclosure of 2016 annual report did not disclose, daily related transaction information disclosure is not timely.

Wuhu, a cashier embezzlement 13 million gambling sentenced

A state-owned enterprise cashier in Wuhu was obsessed with gambling. From 2011 to 2016, he embezzled more than 1306 yuan for gambling. Even after he was persuaded by his mother to go home, the first thing he did was to go gambling. Recently, the author learned from the Wuhu intermediate people’s court, the court of final appeal sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for thirteen years.
It is understood that the defendant Yang 35 years old this year, July 2007 candidates to a state-owned Wuhu sales company, since March 2011 to February 2016, obsessed with gambling, Yang used his position to facilitate multiple business units for interception (cash) 41.82889 yuan, 1168.040987 yuan bill, the company for the purchase of dormitory supplies 39 thousand yuan in cash many times, the secret steal company accounts funds totaling 929 thousand yuan, the funds totaling more than 1306 yuan, are used for gambling.
In February 2016, Yang years misappropriation of company funds the things brought to light, Yang fled and hid to Guangxi Nanning. After repeated persuasion by his mother and company, Yang agreed to come back and return home from Nanning in March 1st from Wuhu. However, people did not expect, in March 2nd, Yang did not go directly to the public security organs to surrender, but the morning was still involved in gambling.

The Commission to investigate the case 13 years ago: stocks confiscated 140 million illegal securities practitioners

In the brokerage office Lin Qingyi of 44 years old 13 years ago within the past 5 years, illegal use of friend Kang’s account of stock trading of the cumulative amount of up to 10 billion 242 million yuan, total profit of 70 million 653 thousand and 400 yuan, imposed by the Commission administrative punishment is not a penalty “, the penalty amount up to 141 million yuan.
The administrative punishment decision the Commission’s recent disclosure of the book shows that Lin Qingyi in May 9, 2001 to July 23, 2009, worked in the Nanfang Securities Limited by Share Ltd and Chinese Jianyin Investment Securities Limited liability company, as securities practitioners. Lin Qingyi and ginger are friends. During the period from July 9, 2004 to June 8, 2009, Lin Qingyi Kang account for securities transactions, the cumulative period of trading stock 154, amounting to 5 billion 79 million yuan to buy, sell the amount of 5 billion 163 million yuan, total profit of 70 million 653 thousand and 400 yuan.
The Commission finds Lin Qingyi in violation of the “Securities Law” article forty-third: the other members of the securities regulatory authority of securities exchanges, securities companies and securities registration and settlement institution staff, staff and legal and administrative regulations from participating in stock trading, in the office or during the statutory period, shall not directly or in an assumed name or in the name of others hold, buy and sell stocks, nor accept stocks donated by others. This constitutes the situation in which the 199th part of the Securities Act prohibits the participation of stock trading persons in the holding and trading of shares.
The 199th section of the securities law also stipulates that the violator shall confiscate the illegal gains and impose a fine equal to the sale of shares.
As a result, the Commission has imposed a penalty of 70 million 653 thousand and 400 yuan for the confiscation of illegal gains and a fine of 70 million 653 thousand and 400 yuan.
It is worth noting that, in the administrative punishment book, the Commission also revealed that Lin Qingyi Kang operation account in securities trading last date for June 8, 2009, and on August 13, 2010 the police made You Lin Qingyi Kang Trading Account investigation conclusion, found the administrative illegal behavior, Lin Qing Yi and therefore did not exceed the limitation of administrative punishment.
At the same time, the Commission said, actively cooperate with the investigation, subjective malignant and social harm small and other reasons put forward by Lin Qingyi does not belong to the statutory lighter or mitigated excuses, and given the illegal income doubled fines is lighter punishment.
Attached: decision on administrative penalty of China Securities Regulatory Commission (Lin Qingyi)

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